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Women Entrepreneurs Association of Nepal

women interprise

Women Entrepreneurs Association of Nepal (WEAN) was established in 1987 as an autonomous, voluntary and non-profit organization by a group of prominent Nepalese Women Entrepreneurs who shared a common vision of helping other women to set up new business enterprises and grow in their established businesses.

In the context, WEAN intends to increase women’s participation in economic enterprises through its various activities of integrated programs of Training, Micro-credit & Marketing Network.Vision & Mission

Through the years, WEAN has broadened its vision to that of achieving full participation of women in nation building through Entrepreneurship Development. It intends to achieve this vision by advocating for policy changes that promote Women Entrepreneurship and by designing and undertaking result-oriented and sustainable programs for existing and potential Women Entrepreneurs.

In short, WEAN’s mission is economic empowerment of women through Entrepreneurship Development.

  • Increase economic opportunities and create awareness among women entrepreneurs.
  • Enhance business skills of potential and existing women entrepreneurs.
  • Develop and upgrade skills of women entrepreneurs according to market needs.
  • Advocate the role of women entrepreneurs in kuwait bank swift lookup the nation building.
  • Provide loans to women with low income.


A bi-annually elected Executive Board consisting of President, Immediate Past president, vice presidents, general secretary, treasurer, and the executive members provides policy guidelines for the organization.

Assisting the Board and Committees is the secretariat headed by an executive director who implements policies and plans.

Url: http://www.wean.org.np/