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The Objectives of the NariNepal are:

NEWS CENTER: All the news related to Women are facilated.The news can be regarded to events,meetings,social,political where Women are participated.News are daily updated according to the datas provided by our reporters.Also news from external sources will also be posted if it is worthsome.

SOCIAL WOMEN INTERVIEW:Every week there would be an interview on social Women who are recognized by some individuals and others who are not yet been known.The goal is to show the biography of the Women who are engaged to some social aware programs and organizations.It would ensure to let people know how these Women struggled to reach to their goal as nothing can be generated without some sacrifices and hazards.It will help to motivate others towards social activities as these Women had did to the society and nation.

SUCCESSIVE STORY: The stories related to the non-social Women who had achieved to gain success in this competitive scenario against men would also be posted.Basically the Women who had been vanished by their family and society still they proved that they are worthsome and have the determination to earn living themselves would be posted here.Also the success stories of the  Women who are handling their own businesses and working for other renowned organizations will also be notified.This will ensure others to get influence from their stories .

ONLINE PROBLEM SOLVE: We have also Lawyer,Doctor ,Councellor,Beautician to solve problems related to law,medicine,beauty and education.Any questions related to these topics would be solved by our specialsts.

FORUM: BLOG/FORUM: A blog is essentially a journal-style website, with regular entries or posts displayed in reverse chronological order. The content is determined by the site’s author and generally has a mix of text, pictures and links to other websites. It’s an ideal medium to express yourself, especially if you’re having trouble communicating your thoughts to a wider audienc. You can blog about anything.So blogging is also applicable.


Specific Objective

  • To convey the problems related to Women.
  • To make the law makers aware about the responsibilty towards Women.
  • To include all the news and events involving participation and different activities of Women.
  • To notify the Women involved in social work who are still not recognized yet.
  • To provide the biography of Women about their struggle,success,problems persisted from their family,their future plans,and many more.
  • To provide online help.
  • To answer questions related to medical,law,beauty,education.


Key Strategies:

  • For the case of Women by means of online media aware for all people.
  • Aware all Women n girls for their major problem’s.
  • Include all the news, events and programs activities in website.
  • Promotion of all activities of Women.
  • Advocacy and awareness on Woman’s right, right based programming to improve the overall situation of children and Women in the district.



Integrated Monitoring activities of Women in the district will be strengthened which will be led by Narinepal members. A monitoring team will thoroughly monitor the different activities performed by the organization’s related to Women. Narinepal members monitoring purposes will be developed. Schedule will be prepared by Nari Nepal and will be shared to all the member. Feedback and comment session will be held after joint monitoring for follow up actions and for improving the quality of the programme. All monitoring will be documented and shared with all concerned stakeholders. Besides the Integrated Monitoring led by Nari nepal, regular monitoring of the sectoral activities will be undertaken as an integral part of sectoral program by the respective stakeholders.

Major Responsibilities: NariNepal

  • Co-ordinate and facilitate with line agencies, NGOs, other programs in the district.
  • Regular monitoring of website activities and give feedback & suggestions.
  • Organize co-ordination meeting for smooth implementation of Website.
  • Prepare quarterly and annual progress report of website.
  • Conduct Half Yearly Review and Annual Review and Planning Meeting by involving all the concerned members.
  • Information system will establish at Worldwide  via Internet.
  • The rights of  Women will be advocated.
  • National and Local  programs will be mobilized and advocated.
  • Women and girls can find the online solution from this website.
  • Social Women won’t not only be recognized in local area but also to National and International level.
  • All the past and recent Events, Activities, News of Women can be found in this web site.