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About NariNepal

The project NariNepal.com.np has been developed as for the requirement of Pokhara’s Women. As the name implies it’s been designed to completely facilitate the all news about Women in Kaski district and all information about the activities about the Women in Nepal.

  1. Because of lack of survey of NGO and INGO records there is problems in Nepal for others People to survey for data.
  2. In comparison to the scientific way we have not been able to make a systematic survey in Nepal and we  are still far behind in comparison to other developed countries about its knowledge usages and analysis.
  3. Only Paper news is not sufficient to translate news  amongst people.
  4. Nari Nepal.com.np is the focus on all activities of Women. The story begins with a social view for Women. It is the analysis of Arjun Gurung, Bharat Thapa and Raju Bogati across Pokhara. We are generally focused on the Women in Village Area, Social Women in Pokhara, And Problem’s of Women and teenage Girls. And also we include all the Law related to  Women in Nepal.
  5. Some NGO and INGO’s have made  people in a black mirror. And the government haven’t yet summarized the real details about all INGO accept registration no and member’s name only. There is an ever-growing lists of INGO and theirs information in a variety of forms and media. Something hasn’t change. We had researched about INGO’s  but there is also some good INGO’s which are still in shadow  whereas fake INGO’s are highlighted more. We categorized them as the feedback of people and their work. For more information you can either login to our page or contact us.
  6. There doesn’t seem to be 100% correct reference for any INGO. Some confusion also arrived caused by lots of INGO and some of them have nearly similar name.
  7. ~if you respect their work and invest your  money wisely than first you have to know the real people.
  8. he main focus has always been how to make the faster way of news Trans among people through least amount of manual work and paper work. We have generally focused on the technical achievements. It is technically better and faster way of getting news. User satisfaction is always the first priority of every project. And With implementation of Women website, our project proves to be just the right tool.