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Traditional View

Nepal is one of the most beautiful, yet one of the poorest countries in the world. In mountainous fields where clearing yet another patch of forest to grow crops increases the danger of landslides, subsistence agriculture is no longer enough to sustain families.

Arranged marriages are the norm and women are brought up to regard themselves as second-rate. The problems of poverty and oppression are neglected by those who rule the country and pocket the maximum revenue for themselves.
Meanwhile in the big cities of India, ageing men seek sex with teenage prostitutes to make themselves feel youthful. Fair-skinned girls with Mongolian features are considered the most beautiful – such girls are found in Nepal.

Almost one in fifty of the female population of Nepal is sold into sexual slavery. Most girls are enslaved when they are in their early teens. They are kidnapped, sold or lured to India by promises of good employment. By the age of thirty almost all these women are dead.

Concern has been raised in the media about widespread corruption of police and the judiciary in numerous cases of rape, sexual abuse and violence against women. Police dismiss rape as a “family affair” and have even gang raped women in police stations. Judges allegedly take bribes from wealthy rapists to dismiss cases against them .

Widespread customs discriminate against Nepalese women who are automatically blamed for being raped. A government official has stated that “rape is impossible between one man and one woman”. Widespread reports of child rape were justified in a government newspaper because “sexual activity is stimulated by the rainy season”.

As it is considered shameful for a woman to go to court, almost all rapes go unreported.

Countries that permit their own women-folk to be treated as expendable commodities see no “harm” in permitting serial rapists and other sex offenders to operate as high-profile travel agents catering to safety-conscious lone women! One of the world’s top exotic destinations, Nepal attracts tourists, some of whom are sexually abused by men in positions of trust in tourism.