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Usha Gurung


I am Usha Gurung and I am 81 years old. I had been in this organisation from its establishment in the year 1975. Before coming to this organisation I used to weave in my home and used to make school bags and sell them in the Pokhara market. Those bags used to be simple and single coloured. I heard this organisation and came here and here they taught me to weave multi-coloured clothes. I am very satisfied for what I got from this organisation because from the money I earned working here I have been able to support my daughter’s study, her marriage and now she is happily married. Today I am a happy woman and my daughter asks me to take rest but still I cannot stopping coming here and work. Whatever I got in my life, I got from this organisation. I have seen the struggle of this organisation and have seen the time when we were unable to pay NRs 40.00 for the raw materials and there was time when we didn’t receive our wages for months, as our goods were not sold. When I compare the past and present I feel like a dream. I had never thought that we could see this day where we are supporting more than 100 sisters who are poor and suffering. I just say this is the achievement due to hard work and determination of our director Mrs Ram Kali Khadka. She used to spend night designing and next day teaching us and we trying to copy that but it was also hard for us because all of us were illiterate. Anyway I feel proud when I come here and we are like family member today.