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Jharana Bajracharya


Jharana Bajracharya, the bold Nepali actress has always found ways to baffle the understandings of the people who know her. An enigma for her followers, she created this image of herself whether it be by grabbing the Miss Nepal title at the tender age of 16 or by creating controversies for her alleged relationship with the owner of Nanglo or by marrying a foreigner or by talking openly how she had sex before marriage. Whatever she is, she’s one graceful lady in the Nepalese Entertainment Industry who has graced us with numerous great acting roles and castings in music videos like no other.

She hit the limelight with the Miss Nepal Contest 1997 and then went on to represent Nepal at the Miss World. She was only 16 then. Then she debuted in the Nepali movie Industry with a movie called Hatiyar starring opposite Rajesh Hamal. Though it is little disappointing that none of the movies that she acted in have had commercial success, her duty in capacity of an actress has never been challenged by the media. Some of the Nepali movies that she has acted in are: Bhuttukai Bhaye Ni, Siudo Ko Sindoor, Anjuli, Bhai Tika, Maya Garchu Ma, Chahanchu Ma Timilai, Parenni Maya Jalaima, Sanjeevani, Pheri Arko Saino, Kohi Mero. Among them, Parenni Maya Jalaima created a lot of hype. She has also acted in one Hindi movie, Love in Nepal.

She has also made her mark as one of the highest paid music video models in Nepal. Some of the music videos that she has appeared in are: Kamal Man Singh’s Mero Maya, Nabin Bhattrai’s Lakhau Patak. Anil Singh’s Dubna Deu, Prakash Gurung’s Binti Cha Hai etc. From Kollywood to bollywood, she has also managed to play in some Indian advertisements of Sony Ericsson and Bajaj Pulsar.

After a long break from Kollywood, she reappeared in the Nepalese movie industry in 2009 with Kohi Mero directed by her long time friend Alok Nembang.

Standing tall at 5ft, 6.5 inches, this high cheek boned Newarni has mesmerized the Nepalese population with her beauty for more than 12 years and she is still going strong. We just hope that Jharana works in more Nepali movies and don’t get lost in the highly competitive Bollywood trying to make a name for herself.

Some of her quotes that I like are:

‘Mutual Understanding is next to love for marital life to become a Success’

‘If you always give the mass what they want, art never progresses’

On 6th October 2007, on the auspicious occasion of Ghatasthapana, Jharana Bajracharya got engaged to a westerner named Karar Hill in a private ceremony in Kathmandu. We are yet to confirm on what happened to their marriage. Maybe some of our readers can shed light on the subject matter. And why does she call herself Jharana Bajracharya Rashid now? The person whom she got engaged to does not have that surname. We are baffled as much as you are by the enigma.